This is My Website

There are many like it, but this one is mine. Like many, I “feel bad” about doing most of my public1 writing in places that aren’t on my own site.2 And then I read Zeldman’s masterful This is a Website post:

Yes, recycling other people’s recycling of other people’s recycling of cat gifs is fun and easy on Tumblr. Yes, rubbing out a good bon mot on Twitter can satisfy one’s ego and rekindle a wistful remembrance of meaning. Yes, these things are still fine to do. But they are not all we can do on this web. This is our web. Let us not surrender it so easily to new corporate masters.

Keep blogging in the free world.

Here we go.

  1. I write a lot on a plethora of private o2 blogs at work every day. In fact, my Twitter usage has dropped off considerably since I started at Automattic. My blogging too. 
  2. You shouldn’t follow me on Twitter. It’ll just encourage me. 


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