Slow Cooling is a Feature

Today I saw Marco Arment linking to Dr. Drang’s take on big ice cubes, where the latter says:

Yes, big cubes melt (and therefore dilute your drink) more slowly, but at the cost of cooling your drink more slowly.

This is actually exactly why I prefer big ice cubes, for some drinks.1 The colder your drink, the less you taste the subtler flavours in it.2 Some drinks should be really cold and use regular-sized–or even shaved–ice, but others should be simply cooled to take some of the harsh edge off while still allowing some subtlety to come through.

Also, don’t underestimate the fact that big cubes can look pretty spectacular:

  1. In my case, I use spherical cubes when making an Old Fashioned
  2. This is why the only way to drink macro-beer swill is extremely cold, so you don’t have to taste it. Good beer is enjoyable at room temperature. 


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