Ze Frank on the Creative Career

If you want to be a writer, you should be writing. Not tomorrow, today.

Ze is bang on here, as he so often is. It’s what’s prompting me to write on this moribund blog. I often think of myself as a writer, but I don’t write.1 It seems that I keep waiting for inspiration to strike, or a captivating topic, or, or, something. All the while, I know this is wrong, but the only way out of this trap is to write my way out.

There’s plenty of other great stuff in this video, like how at 4:24, Ze talks about how education towards a creative career doesn’t provide a clear path towards the creativity of learning to make money doing that thing. I really resonated with that too, as that was far harder to learn in my career compared with the actual technical skills of what I do.

  1. Well, I don’t write in a non-work context. I write at work all the time: code, IRC, P2 posts, Skype, email… 

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