The Discipline of Writing

I am a romantic. I don’t mean to invoke images of Harlequin romances or that pernicious movie genre dubbed “romantic comedy,” but rather to place myself alongside so many contemporary people who believe that, roughtly speaking, they should be lead by feeling (as opposed to rationality). (At the risk of unduly multiplied parentheses, I would hasten to add that the romantic-rational dichotomy is unnecessary in theory, however much it is observed in practice.)

This blog has been, if nothing else, a romatic endeavor. Although I have made motions in the direction of wanting this blog to be something along the lines of a disciplined forum in which to write and recieve feedback on my writing, I must confess that there has been nothing remotely resembling disciplined about it. I have written about what I feel like, when I feel like it.

This worked tremendously well when I was a student, and naturally did not feel like doing my schoolwork. Indeed, I had a tremendous surplus of feeling (something along the lines of this education is not allowing me discuss what I feel like) about blogging my thoughts which led me to unfailingly have a surplus of blog material. Now that I’m not a student, this methodology is not working as well.

In other, words, I’m a romantic slacker.

Does anyone else resonate with this phenomenon? Any solutions? What keeps you motivated in writing, be it blogging or otherwise?

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