Music: Some New, Some Old

To start with, I’m uber-frutrated because I lost the last 500 words I’d written when OpenOffice crashed on me. Bollocks. Luckily, some quick thinking prevented the entire thing from being lost, otherwise I’d be starting from scratch.

That aside, I’ve been listening to a lot of more rock-ish music lately, as I’ve been ready to listen to something with lyrics and not just the edm that I’m usually into. I’ve been listening to a combination of new and old, and here’s a list of stuff I’ve been listening to lately:


  • Keane (bit of a cross between Coldplay and Radiohead)
  • Imogen Heap


  • The Tea Party
  • U2 (especially older stuff)
  • Radiohead

Anybody have any good new/old stuff to recommend? It certainly doesn’t have to sound like the above…

5 responses to “Music: Some New, Some Old”

  1. Deathcab for Cutie!!! I think they’d fall into the indie genre, but maybe not anymore since they’ve become so popular.

    Xavier Rudd. Oldskool Ben Harper-esque, though he’s a one man show, often kicking a bass drum playing guitar, singing, mixing in a digeredoo (Sp?).

    Pilate, coldplay-esque.

    Cinematic Orchestra, extremely jazzy downtempo, but closer to jazz than downtempo – wonderful!

  2. I don’t know. A daily addict, I have been listening to everything by Coldplay/ Switchfoot/ Lifehouse /U2 it seems like for ever now, Don’t mind 3 Doors Down, Third Day, Delirious. I cannot seem to find better. I am trying Evermore this week but I am not sure. Coldplay’s next project is the go, I think. Will try Keane on your recommendation…

  3. cheers for the comments lads

    tony: i checked out xavier rudd and cinematic orchestra, but haven’t gotten my hands on pilate yet (apparently they’ve renamed themselves “pilot speed”). rudd is sweet, and i haven’t checked out cinematic enough yet to get a feel for them yet…

    speedygeoff: thanks for coming by. hope you dig keane, i sure have.

  4. Hey buddy, thanks for the encouragement. I’ll be looking to you for some engaging thoughts while I am away and I’ll be sure to let you know how the other side of the world sees things. I hear Gary Best has moved to New Brunswick… glean all you can from that man. And you should also lend your ears to Rocky Votolato, Rosie Thomas or my third love, Iron and Wine.

    Tony… how interesting it is that you compare XRudd and BHarper? I dont see the similarities though. I do not have your Keane sense of musical prowness eh. Matt you could make Plans to listen to DeathCab but I would recommend some good old school emo tunes like Mineral, The Gloria Record or Christie Front Drive instead.

    all the best
    off to Africa

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