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Well, we’ve finished our peninsula project, finally. It took 5 days, and we are now the proud owners of a functional kitchen. Let’s let the pictures do the talking:

counterbeforeHere’s what things looked like before. We’d picked up a rickety little table just to be able to put some things on, but it was far from fully useful.
peninsula draftSo, my intrepid wife spent a long time refining this here draft of the peninsula that we would build. Looks good in theory…
counterprocess…and here’s what it looks like in reality, once we’d solved a few unforseen problems brought on by our lack of, uh, skill with building stuff. But, we persevered, swore, and finally…
counter2…we had a finished product. Lots of useful, open storage space for our small-ish apartment, and in one fell swoop we probably tripled our counter space.
counter1And of course, why settle for just a counter, when you can have bar-style seating? This is one of the best parts of the design: it’s so multi-functional. Great for eating breakfast and lunch, great for meal prep and also great for doing schoolwork at. I was using it yesterday and discovered that it’s actually very comfortable to alternate between sitting and standing when one gets uncomfortable.
counter3And finally, a nice little detail shot to show off the cladding (that’s “the stuff on the sides” for you non-builder folk) and the countertop. We actually made the countertop out of hardwood laminate and edged it in pine and it turned out surprisingly good!

Anyways, there’s the fruit of nearly a week’s labor. As always, my wife’s craftiness has improved the quality of our life while rudely impinging on my free time… hehe. She’s great. Jac, I salute your getting me off my ass and designing a great piece for our apartment.

5 responses to “Finished Product”

  1. (poor people have to be crafty. do you know how much that thing would cost to buy?)

    I thought I married a nerd.
    Well, he may still be a nerd, but he’s certainly not one-dimensional.
    From fantasy books, html-coding, and slashdot to table saws and power drills, this man is nothing short of a marvel.
    Where my M.O. is think big, measure later, Matt excels in accuracy and detailed problem solving… much needed skills for custom cabinet-making.

  2. The mental imagery of you systematically evaluating, measuring, being meticulous, too good. Seriously though, looks great. Nicely done you two.

  3. Hey you two….that’s great craftsmanship, truly a project worthy of being proud of. Audrey says, when you’re finished with it, consider selling it to Gateway Kitchen and Bath Center (she use to work there) as a sample, you could have a money maker on your hands!

    Murray and Audrey Krushel

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