Any Ideas?

There’s a lot of very talented people in our community here in various design areas: interior, photography, print, carpentry, web, and probably more that I’m not thinking of. Jaclyn is thinking of trying to pool the resources of all of these people together to start a design group that will serve the design needs of people across a pretty broad spectrum.

We need a good name for this design group. Initially we thought of calling it the St. Croix Design Group, but that’s too area-specific and it would be tough to break out of this immediate area. So, we want a catchy name that’s not too cheesy and obviously based in pure marketing catch-phrases. Here’s the things we want it to evoke:

  • we’ll work with you to make your vision happen
  • we’re affordable, but take pride in our work
  • we are not affiliated with any specific brand (there’s a couple of designers here in town based out of specific stores that are really just a front for pushing their own products)

So, we still want whatever it is to end in “Design Group.” This is important because it’ll be a collective of people who have expertise in many different areas. The lady Jac met with today suggested “Fingerprint Design Group,” but we’re not too sure on that one.

As soon as we have a name, we’re gonna make a website and start marketing ourselves locally. So, get on your thinking caps. Any ideas?

3 responses to “Any Ideas?”

  1. since you’ll be affordable and non-snobbish, perhaps something with accessible in it, ‘accessible design group’…..’spacial innovations’……’accessible innovations’…….’accessible esthetics’……. i dunno?

    Great idea Jac!

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