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peninsula in process My last week has been spent constructing an addition to our kitchen. We have precious little counter space, making cooking difficult, yet a fair bit of dead space in our kitchen. Solution? Build a peninsula counter/bar to serve as a counter with additional bar-style seating to serve as a breakfast nook/work area. The initiative on this project was of course my lovely creative wife who never met a space that she didn’t have an idea about fixing. She designed the thing and we built it together over the last week. There will be more pics once we slap some paint on it to finish it off.

In other news, I’m beginning work on my final essay for the Europe trip, a mere 13 days before the fall term starts! Bah. The assignment is to “write a 2500-3000 word paper that analyzes the philosophical origins and influences of postmodernism in western society. Make use of the books included in the course.” It’s due on Sunday, so I best get crackin.

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