Political Genuineness on Both Sides of the Border

There’s a lot to disdain about USAmerican politics, starting with the fact that they started campaigning for the presidential election well over a year prior to said election.1 From the outrageous Donald Trump2 to the seemingly aloof Hillary Clinton, there’s a whole field of clowns clamouring for votes.

But then there’s Canada, with our wannabe-neocon of a Prime Minister and our not-incredibly-credible contenders for that job3 who all seem carefully calculated in most things they say. Then I remembered that, for all of its buffoonery, USAmerica does seem to produce some shockingly genuine politicians, like Bernie Sanders, the aforementioned Trump,4 and Joe Biden.

Why do I include Biden? Because I watched this interview on the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert and was flabbergasted that a Vice President could seem so real.5 I wish that Canadian politicians could learn something from him:

  1. It makes our 11 week campaign look downright, uh, modestly Canadian. I’m sorry. 
  2. What I love about Trump is that he actually says out loud all of the things that the Republicans have been saying in code words in the Karl Rove era. Sowing hatred brings back a hell of a harvest, doesn’t it? 
  3. Save Elizabeth May of the Green Party, who is smart, insightful, and trapped in a party that will continue to be not much a factor for probably a decade or three to come. 
  4. Say what you want about him, but he’s himself. 
  5. Dick Cheney, anyone? 


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