Starting Polyphasic Sleep

We don’t actually need 8 hours of sleep per night, say polyphasic sleepers. I stumbled on Dustin Curtis’ Sleep article, where he introduces the concept of polyphasic sleep and why you might want to try it. Read the article if this sounds weird to you.

The immediate appeal is more hours in the day. The Everyman 2-nap cycle, which I’m starting today, reduces my sleep needs from 8 hours per night to 5.2 hours per day. 2.8 hours of time per day to do I want to do. That’s almost 20 found hours per week. For me, it hits the sweet spot of big gains in waking hours without seeming unattainable.

The adjustment period is supposed to suck, meaning I’m going to want to quit. Which is why I’m going to keep a sleep log on this site. I didn’t want to gum up the works with a daily sleep log, so I created a specific sleep log section where I’ll log my progress. I’ll probably post weekly summaries on the main site for those who want smaller doses of my experiment.

4 responses to “Starting Polyphasic Sleep”

  1. Yes, good luck. I’ll be following your progress, too. I may even give it a shot, if I see you can survive the hellish adjustment phase. Thanks, Mr. Guinea Pig! ;)

  2. Ok spooky – I just stumbled upon that sleep article somewhere and thought how fascinating it would be to try something like that and than I stumbled upon your blog!

    I however have not started…thinking of it though.
    You may have just given me some kick to start!


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