Daring Myself to Wait Another Version

The iPhone has never been a need. My wife needed a smart phone for her interior design work, and I’ve received her hand-me-downs as she’s upgraded to the newer models for better photo quality.

This left me with an iPhone 3GS, until it died and I had to revert to our previously dormant 3G model. I can’t upgrade to iOS 4.3, much less iOS 5. No iCloud, no wifi tethering, no notification centre. No performance, and constant expectation that I won’t be able to upgrade to the next version of my favourite apps.

I want more, but I don’t really need more. I need tethering as an Internet connection backup for my work, which I can already do over Bluetooth or USB. My battery life sucks, but a replacement battery is cheaper than a new phone. I need occasional voice calls, which work just fine. Everything else is gravy which I’d love but don’t need.

I am not an inferior human being because I don’t have the latest tech. I need to remind myself that it’s not only OK to use Last Year’s Model, but also smarter and more responsible. We’ll see how long I can keep the upgrade siren song at bay.

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