The Crisis of Credit Visualized

My friend Adam sent this my way. An excellent summation of the colossal disaster that is the US economy.

6 responses to “The Crisis of Credit Visualized”

  1. Ok, I’m an ignorant about money and all this stuff. Sometimes I see economy as a mixture of human ecology with the worst sort of “positive thought” (or “health and wealth gospel” for the matter); or maybe it is not what economy really is, but what those guys in the top wants us to think.

  2. @mountainguy good questions. the term “economy” is certainly a loaded one, and there’s definitely a propagandist quality to the term as it generally gets used.

  3. Thanks Adam.
    That helps me connect the dots on how these hedge funds “work”. Anyone want to buy my house? I’ll trade it for weekly shipments of organic produce for the next 80 years.

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