The War Within

I desire light but sometimes
I desire darkness more

I am divided,
torn asunder

The devil on my shoulder
is giving the angel ideas

My narcissim imagines
a titantic battle of good and evil

Perhaps the proportions
are more carnal than cosmic

My heart is a fiery tempest
and there’s too much gasoline around

Jesus loves me this I know
even though I’m thinking about this

3 responses to “The War Within”

  1. Love the last quatrain. I think it invokes T.S. Eliot’s “Hollow Men” and how he ends the poem with a parody of “Ring Around The Rosie.” There is something haunting in how the rhymes we learn as children can carry more meaning than we ever imagined.

    P.S. Joel Mason let me know about your site. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. @Thom Thanks for the much-too kind comment Thom. My poetry should not be mentioned alongside T.S. Eliot except to say “this definitely isn’t Eliot!”

    And yes, as you say, children’s rhymes are often much more profound than we realize. I liked how it served as a counterpoint to all of the brooding that had gone before it.

  3. thanks matt. i needed to read that today.
    much battling going on over here as well.
    this is the perfect time to explore our creative outlets and let the emotions inside us help us find the truth.

    embrace the tension…

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