An Honest Question

Why is it that the types of Christians most comfortable with thinking of themselves as different than the world are most inclined towards unquestioning consumerism and war-mongering?

Note: I have no research to back this up, only impressions, perceived patterns and, no doubt, prejudice.

2 responses to “An Honest Question”

  1. I was thinking the same. Last week I was blogging, and found a few conservative sites. Their owners claimed that we christians should keep ourselves “out of the world” (i.e. not going to the disco, and else), but some of them professed support for McCain and pride for the USA soldiers.

    Yes, there are groups that keep themselves outside the world: Buddhist monks, Trappist monks, Amish, Old order Mennonites, Hutterites… even Jehovah Witnesses and 7-day Adventists. Conservative evangelicals are NOT outside the world.

    IMO, we can’t really be outside the world. It is more to follow the Jesus way while we stay (at least “physically”) in the world.

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