Milbank on “New” Atheism

John Milbank is an irascible Christian critic of all things secular, insofar as they cling to the myth of neutrality that has run rampant during the modern era. In an interview at The Other Journal, Milbank discusses the phenomenon of the “new” atheism, supposedly secular politics, and some of the interesting historical ways in which these movements developed.

Always blunt and sure to be controversial, Milbank’s critique is wide-ranging, touching on topics such as sex, politics, the role of the media, and the philosophy of selfhood. I usually like to give quotes, but this interview really just needs to be read.

3 responses to “Milbank on “New” Atheism”

  1. Is it just me or does he completely ignore the whole point? That God doesn’t exist. I mean, he doesn’t even both adressing this!

  2. That depends if your definition of the “whole” point is narrowed down to only the question of God’s existence. In my opinion, merely focusing on that to the exclusion of questions of history, culture, etc. that Milbank addresses would make for a very dull discourse indeed.

  3. Will, given that that is the only thing most atheists care about in this debate (truth), you’d think he’d focus on it.

    Yes, you could convert almost all atheists if you could prove your case.

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