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If anyone is still reading this blog, I plan on beginning to write on here again. Expect posts related to my just-completed B.A. Honours thesis called A Restless Faith Seeking Reason to kick off catch-up-with-Matt’s-life mode here. Let’s begin with this audio file of my thesis presentation.

The full and very descriptive title of my thesis is A Restless Faith Seeking Reason: An exploration of themes in postmodern philosophy as they pertain to understanding the relationship between faith and reason. I drew largely on the work of John D. Caputo, Merold Westphal and James K.A. Smith to show that philosophical postmodernism is far from the bogeyman that many make it out to be. Indeed, it says many things that we need to take to heart.

Below is a link to the audio file of the presentation of my thesis to the SSU community on April 17. I haven’t listened through the whole thing, but I think that I managed to clean it up decently. The introduction is done by my supervisor and all-around-great-guy Jeremy Wiebe (no relation), and my presentation proper begins at the 6:40 mark.

Thesis Reading of A Restless Faith Seeking Reason

I’m not going to post the pdf of the thesis itself here, but if anyone is interested, you may find my email address on my about page and ask me nicely that way. Also, if interest is expressed, I might throw up the QnA session which followed the reading.

10 responses to “Thesis Reading”

  1. May I have a copy of your thesis please? I’ve been interested in it since I heard you were writing it, and although some may be waaaaaaaaay over my head… that QnA session would be handy too! ;)
    Thanks so much Matt, I know this took a lot of work and I appreciate you sharing it so freely. I also look forward to blog updates! Woo hoo! Matt’s back!

  2. “If anyone is still reading this blog”. Well someone is. Two someones. Previous commenter and unknown moi. Trying to learn something. Even trying to apply something.

  3. becks: there’s a pdf in your inbox. hopefully i’ve explained things well enough so they’re not too far over anyone’s head. I’ll see about the QnA session.

    geoff: Cheers for the comment. Hopefully something that works towards applicability happens here…

  4. I’d like to have a copy too. As a colombian I am, it is easier to me reading than listening in english.


  5. Hey Matt,

    I would appreciate a copy. It fits in with my current research into the theology of social engagement in the emerging evangelical church.

    congrats BTW!

  6. You made it into my research database (I’m using Nota Bene for its databasing and bibliographic abilities). I’ll let you know if you make my paper. I liked your paper, I think it could have gone a lot further, but for an undergrad paper it was really well done! If you are ever up in Ottawa I’ll have to buy you a beer or coffee to thank you for letting me have a read.


  7. Thanks for the kind words Frank. And yes, I absolutely could have pressed much further in a huge variety of directions! When I started researching, I was excited to have the luxury to dive deeply into a topic, only to realize by the end that I would definitely still not even come close to anything more than a fairly superficial treatment…

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