Nice Round Numbers

Humans like round numbers, the bigger the better.

I just discovered that I have published 300 posts on this blog since its inception 859 days ago. (This is actually post #302, I’m a bit slow on the uptake.)

Now, time to go and buy some sanity to celebrate. Anyone know where I can pick some up?

2 responses to “Nice Round Numbers”

  1. Hi Matt-
    My son Ry turned me on to your website awhile back and I check it a couple times a week. I’m not a big ‘replyer’ on most blogs, but I do want to say ‘Keep blogging’. I enjoy your posts and you never know who is reading and paying attention and beginning to think more critically because of your writing.

  2. Hey Roger, thanks for your encouraging words, and your regular readership. I’ll keep blogging, definitely… I have this writer’s itch that just needs scratching. Constantly.

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