He is Risen

He is risen indeed.

About this great mystery, I have not much to say. As I said yesterday, I hesitate to rush too quickly out of Holy Saturday and into Easter Sunday. But if Christ be risen, the whole world has changed and is changing.

For those who struggle with belief in Resurrection on a more intellectual level, I found a fairly good thelogical reflection on Easter by Peter Leithart called It Really Happened. The best part is towards the end, once he starts saying what it means if Christ be risen:

If it really happened, then the power of tyrants is shattered. The worst the tyrant can do, his ultimate threat, is to kill. The power of tyranny is the power of death. But if death is reversible, if dead people do come back to life after life after death, then the tyrant’s sword is finally useless and certainly not fearsome.

He is risen indeed.

4 responses to “He is Risen”

  1. John, I admire your persistence, but there is nothing in any of those links that I have not read before. Why I believe this is a valid question, but one which I will not answer here. Having to see it happen is irrelevant, as are your last two questions, although they are good questions in and of themselves. Indeed, they are worth spending a lifetime pondering.

    As you are fond of links, I will do the same. N.T. Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God is probably the closest thing to a definitive work (for now) on the subject of the Resurrection.

  2. After reading that article from Leithart, i feel refreshed. I feared going to any type of sermon out here for Easter Sunday, and after reading your’s and Ry’s posts throughout holy week, I feel like going would have made me more frustrated. Yes, I’m unfairly assuming what the service would have been like, and I will eventually get out and check out a Korean church… but I like your thoughts, and the thoughts that you point to.

  3. Chris: glad you found the Leithart article refreshing. I found that it hit the right notes…

    As for Korean churches, well, good luck with finding something (relatively) cringe-free!

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