I Won a MacBook!

Yes, that is correct. I just won a brand new MacBook. CIRA, the registrar responsible for .ca domains is approaching their 1,000,000th registered domain, and decided to hold a promotional contest to celebrate the benefits of using a .ca domain. (I registered Soma Design, my freelance web design company, under the .ca TLD.) You just had to tell them how your “.ca story,” and you would be entered.

I entered on a whim, using the strengths of a Humanities education to write a well-crafted entry extolling the virtues of .ca (which have been many) and promptly forgot all about it. So, yesterday I received a phone call and discovered that I had, in fact, won.

I wandered around in shock for the next few hours, randomly pulling at my hair (it was quite impressive) and not quite believing what has happened. I just faxed in the release forms, and then we’ll see what happens from there…

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