123 Books Meme

Memes never cease to find their way around the blogosphere, and they sometimes even land in my lap. Kathy tagged me with the 123 book meme, which quite simply means that I should:

Pick up the book nearest you. Find page 123. Find the first five sentences. Post the next 3 sentences.Tag five people.

I have a distinct unique standing in this task, since the bookshelf above my computer contains many books that are all approximately equidistant from my seat. So, I’ll pick one that should be interesting: Suburban Nation.

Most elderly are neither infirm nor senile; they are healthy and able citizens who simply can no longer operate two tons of heavy machinery. The phenomenon of suburban auto dependency is not just a theory for these people. It is the reason why we see otherwise reasonable men and women falsifying eye exams and terrorizing their fellow motorists.

I’m not good at tagging others, so I’m just not going to. If this sounds like a fun idea to you, consider yourself tagged.

Oh, and the fourth sentence after the above is too good to be left out:

They know that the minute they lose their license, they will revert from adulthood to infancy and be warehoused ina n institution where their only source of freedom is the van that takes them to the mall on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

3 responses to “123 Books Meme”

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