Free Money

So I get a letter from Canada student loans today. I sigh, try to decide whether or not to open it (they’re usually just telling me about the next paperwork hoop to jump through, or reminding me of how in debt I am), and then receive a pleasant surprise: I just received a Canada Millennium Scholarship bursary for a hefty chunk of change. Hefty.

So, any moment that causes delight in me is also a cause to ask questions. Does the Canadian government realize that they’re supporting an education which is at best making me suspicious of governmental power? It’s not that I’m ungrateful, it’s just odd and incongruous. Also, I wish that things that didn’t have to do with money made me this excited. Hmm…

3 responses to “Free Money”

  1. Congratulations, Matt. Keep in mind how Paul always knew how to use the advantages of his Roman citizenship for the glory of the gospel, and always held those in authority accountable. Maybe God wants to entrust you with this money because he has plans for your influence.

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