Cell Phone Rage

Cell phones have quickly become ubiquitous features of life in North America, producing no end of convenience and annoyance. As seems to be the case with most technology, we as a culture don’t know how to master our public cell phone use and are instead find ourselves mastered.

So, when I read this story, I was intrigued. I must say that, although it is illegal, I completely identify with Andrew.

“She was using the word ‘like’ all the time. She sounded like a Valley Girl,” said the architect, Andrew, who declined to give his last name because what he did next was illegal.

Andrew reached into his shirt pocket and pushed a button on a black device the size of a cigarette pack. It sent out a powerful radio signal that cut off the chatterer’s cellphone transmission — and any others in a 30-foot radius.

“She kept talking into her phone for about 30 seconds before she realized there was no one listening on the other end,” he said. His reaction when he first discovered he could wield such power? “Oh, holy moly! Deliverance.”

Devices Enforce Cellular Silence, Sweet but Illegal

6 responses to “Cell Phone Rage”

  1. I can’t believe how used to having a cell phone I am here! The difference though is that I can’t afford to use it often, and since texting is way cheaper, I usually text instead of talk. ;)

  2. Oh man – I’ve been wanting to build one of those for a loooong time; the trouble is getting a good voltage controlled oscillator (basically the thing that generates the noise for a specific frequency). They’re hard to find, but otherwise the device is not pricey, we’re talking < $30.

    And not just cell phones, either. You can build one that jams a wide range of devices. Anything that operates on <= 2.4 Ghz is easy prey (and alot of thing over that, again depends on the VCO). So this means: Cell phones, wireless internet, bluetooth, radio, walkie-talkies used by security guards, RFID tags (meaning you could rob those new Wal-marts blind), those security badges used by people to get into buildings. The list goes on and on. Pretty much anything that doesn’t require physical contact :)

    And there -are- semi-legitimate uses for these devices. One sure-fire way to prevent wireless cheating in an exam, eh?

    Some of my Engineering peers wonder why I oppose the trend to make everything wireless. Now you know. Turn on one of these bad boys on a modern airplane, and lookout below.

    The other thing I want to build is an EMP gun; fun times…

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