Twilight Falling

I mentioned a few posts back that I’d be doing some other writing, since my blog had come to dominate my writing. I’ve long harbored the (probably foolish) fantasy to write, well, fantasy novels. So, I’ve started to write one.

Here it is: Twilight Falling (Ch.1, first draft)

Oh, and there’s currently about 6 chapters, but they’re in need of some heavy revision.

Feel free to leave comments, criticisms, pleas for autographs…

6 responses to “Twilight Falling”

  1. “The best picture he’d been able to paint of his despairing feeling was a night where the sun never rose, and he felt that watching the sunrise every morning helped to stave off the depression that threatened him at every turn.”

    My favourite part! (but the “slate-coloured eyes” is a close second.)

    Perhaps a different word for “depression” though? Maybe too modern…

  2. Cheers for the comment Cam. You’re probably right about not introducing psychological terms into a pre-modern society…

  3. I have lots of good things to say–that paragraph Cam mentioned is my favorite too. I have a few suggestions that I might e-mail you. :)

  4. Tony: Cheers for reading brother.

    Kathy:Thanks for the close reading and your invaluable suggestions.

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