Apocalyptic Lawn Care

The women of Tiger Time Lawn Care offer to mow customers’ lawns dressed in bikinis — a service that attracts more attention to the ladies than the lawns.Bikini-clad mowers offer lawn care with a twist – MSNBC.com

First things first: it’s a travesty that MSNBC would even report this as “news.” This isn’t news, this is pathetic.

This is such a sad and accurate commentary on the state of our society today. We believe the lie that we are, as Dallas Willard is fond of saying, nothing more than “buns and abs.” The fact that these women would sell the sight of their body is a sad commentary on them, buying into the degradation and commodification of their bodies.

But I reserve much harsher words for the pathetic excuses for men who would get these girls to mow their lawns and watch them: stop living in the fantasy world of T&A. Turn off the porno, put down your nudie magazine and learn how to self-sacrificially love a real, living woman that isn’t made of plastic.

4 responses to “Apocalyptic Lawn Care”

  1. I love your apocalyptic posts.

    Indeed a sad commentary on our society and the petty things we view as central to the good life.

  2. I also enjoy your apocalyptic signs. Though, I wonder if signs of a coming end are signs of a “coming of Kingdom”… such as acts of peace, justice, love, etc…?

  3. Karin, what you’re saying is probably a more theologically healthy vision of the end where God comes and sets things to rights…My signs are just funny and/or sad.

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