Why is This Site Naked?

Looking pretty sparse, I know. This is a totally nerdy thing to do, but today has been dubbed by important people to be CSS Naked Day. You see, I entirely designed the look and feel of this site using XHTML and CSS (on the lovely WordPress platform), and today I’m stripping the CSS to let you see pure XHTML goodness.

Why does this matter? Good web designers have been preaching the separation of content from presentation for some time now. What this means is that you could take the same content on this site (XHTML) and give it an infinite number of different, quality designs (CSS).

Probably the best place to see this in action is the one and only CSS Zen Garden. Professional designers take the exact same XHTML document and simply supply different CSS-based designs for it, producing a stunning variety of different designs from the same content.

If you’re interested, I could possibly turn your website or blog into something almost as ridiculously good looking as this. ;)

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