He is Risen

There are many things in following Jesus that defy explanation. The Resurrection of Jesus is one of those very things. I believe in the Resurrection because I have faith in Jesus. I have faith in Jesus because he met me; became real to me and turned my life upside down (or right side up?).

In some strange way, Jesus’ resurrection grants us resurrection. Not only after the grave, but also in all of life. Everything in my life that is dead or dying has the possibility of new life because of Jesus’ resurrection. And this is good news; this is gospel.

He is risen indeed.

2 responses to “He is Risen”

  1. I am inspired by this thought/reality.

    It makes sense to me and always inspires the best awe and wonder. It is usually when I am at the memorial of ‘my best effort’ to raise the dead that I see Him walk in and do the thing for me.

  2. Hey Marnie. Yeah, there’s something to the resurrection about coming to the end of ourselves. Good thoughts.

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