Colin tagged me. The game is to say five things that you may not know about me. I ordinarily ignore stuff like this, but I’ll play nicely. These are things that my real world friends will probably already know. What can I say? I have no secrets from them.

  1. The only vegetable that I can truly say that I really like is fresh corn on the cob.
  2. I am a Jew of German descent.
  3. I took a term of Engineering at Carleton University.
  4. I once aspired to be an underground electronic dance music DJ.
  5. I participated in one of Canada’s first online high school classrooms back in 1996. I guess that means I’ve been poking around the internet for over 10 years now.

Standard procedure for these things is to tag five more people. I’m sure that most people I know are running away scared at this moment. I was toying with the idea of not subjecting anyone to this, but I have no mercy. I tag:

  1. Tony
  2. Cam
  3. Ren
  4. John Smulo
  5. Anthony Stiff


7 responses to “Tagged”

  1. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the tag.

    I am also from a Jewish background, do you have other Jesus-followers in your family?

    Online high school in 1996, that makes you young. When did you graduate if you don’t mind me asking? I did in 1991.

  2. Matt,

    Thanks for indulging me on this one. You’re a trooper!

    All of this talk about when you guys graduated high school really makes me feel old . . . I guess the truth hurts :).

  3. Well, I graduated from high school in ’97. Compared to my classmates at SSU, I’m positively ancient.

    My Jewish background comes on my mom’s side, and I didn’t even know about it until I was an adult. Nazi Germany bred some fear in my mom’s family about admitting to it. So, I didn’t grow up Jewish. I actually grew up in a Mennonite context, courtesy of my dad’s side. My whole nuclear family are Christians.

  4. Not surprisingly, I knew all of the above.

    Most people probably don’t know that I lived with you for two months in the Sunnyside(?) pot-cave during your, ahem, second term of Engineering.

  5. Sunnyside was close by, but our humble abode was on the corner of Glen and Leonard. 83 Glen if memory serves correct… Ah yes, that second term… difficult to recall… somewhat hazy… ;)

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