Thanksgiving in Halifax

Tomorrow afternoon, I leave St. Stephen to pick up my mom from the Moncton airport. She’s flying in to see Jaclyn and I for the Thanksgiving weekend and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her. It’s been since before we went to Europe back in mid-May. Time flies…

We’re going to stop in Moncton long enough to pick her up and then spend the weekend in the lovely city of Halifax, since she’s already seen St. Stephen and all that it has to offer. Seriously, it’s got a lot going for it as a place to live, but it’s pretty useless as a place to visit.

Anyways, my blog will be silent over the weekend due to me being gone, as opposed to my blog being silent because I’m busy and/or lazy. (Speaking of not posting, I will be updating our sorely neglected Europe blog with some France pictures soon….)

4 responses to “Thanksgiving in Halifax”

  1. It was a wonderful weekend. So good to spend time with Matt and Jac. In keeping with it being Thanksgiving, we had much to be thankful for. God gave us perfect weather to enjoy our visit outdoors. Thanks Matt and Jac for touring me through Nova Scotia.

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