My mind is all over the place. I just got back from a terrific long weekend in Halifax, hanging out with my mom who came out to visit. That’s fading into the rearview mirror as life plods on.

But now I’m back into studenting and my mind is splattered all over a variety of topics. I’m multitasking between deconstructing notions of inspiration of Scripture, parsing Greek nouns, feigning interest in modernist literature, delving into medieval European history, wrestling with teaching as a tool for transformation instead of just education, and recognizing logical fallacies.

Aside from that, I’m theoretically going to be involved with a group of future leaders/pastors that will meet with Gary and Joy Best and Pete and Mary Ellen Fitch for mentoring, community, etc. Great opportunity, but more time. That should be twice a month. And then there’s the social justice small group that Jac and I are a part of on Mondays. And I’m leading an SSU-based small group two Tuesdays a month.

I also am supposed to be “doing community” in the midst of this. Oh, and I have a marriage that should be growing in depth, intimacy and commitment.

Why did I want to go back to school again?

Because I honestly love it. But I don’t always deal well with the pace. Back to work.


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