Well, I guess the end of the year should lead to all sorts of musing and such, shouldn’t it? Here’s my thoughts in no particular order with no particular indicator of significance:

  1. Well, this one’s significant: I married my lovely wife Jaclyn on June 27th of the year past. Suffice it to say that this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing with ramifications second only to when God’s grace rocked my world about 5 years prior.
  2. I again got an opportunity to participate in a community of Jesus followers in a small group setting, which I sorely missed last year while at SSU.
  3. I didn’t go back to SSU this fall — I’m taking a brief hiatus. See #1
  4. My brother met and married his wife in the short span of four months!
  5. I got a job that allows me to read for a blissful hour and a half everyday!
  6. I started blogging. And there was much rejoicing.
  7. I renovated the entire living area of my grandma’s former house to make it liveable, guided and goaded by my ever-so-talented wife.
  8. I became less enslaved to how people think of me.
  9. Song of the year: Fix You by Coldplay
  10. Movie of the year: The Constant Gardener
  11. Book of the year: The Chosen by Chaim Potok

5 responses to “Retrospective”

  1. Yeah man, what a year. It’s really been quite a whirlwind on the Wiebe brother front. Definitely a lot to be thankful for.
    Have you started “power evangelism” yet? I’d be interested to hear about it.

  2. I’m mostly done it – I’ve had it by the bedside for a while now and it’s pretty short.

    Nothing too terribly new there, but it very much attempts to put us in a context of the kingdom of God battling against the kingdom of darkness. Sure not where I feel that I’m at right now, but still very compelling and challenging. I guess we could talk more about it in person (if we remember)

    Oh, and it’s all about signs and wonders as a gateway to evangelism. That’s the big thing within the spiritual warfare context

  3. Hmmm…..
    That’s kind of what I figured it would be – like you said, nothing new.
    I, too, am unsure about how I feel about the proclamation for evangelism thing. It’s impossible to wholly write it off, and it’s a great thing to wrestle with, yet, as said before, my paradigm has changed so much with how I view Christianity that, honestly, I hardly know, one way or the other, what I think.

  4. matty
    you’ve had an amazing year…and by the looks of it, and all things that yet remain secret and ready for you in the new year…seems the one to come will be no less remarkable!
    All His best…and lots of creativity and peace and adventure for you…and your hotty.
    love you both!

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