The Night Before

Tomorrow I have the privilege of travelling to the Canyons Resort to meet up with the 399 other Automatticians that I work with online for our annual, whole-company, in-person meetup. Some people are already there, and others are en route as I write this.

This will be my fourth grand meetup (as we call it). While that may make me a veteran, there are also approximately 140 new faces to reckon with, more than the total company roster from my first meetup in 2012.

Today I tried to explain to my wife’s farmer uncle what it is I do. He thought it sounded like some kind of scam. I guess I’m living in the future, a bit. To paraphrase William Gibson, the future [of work] is here, it’s just unevenly distributed. And tomorrow, our distributed company will be physically together; a bunch of (mostly) introverts who think that working at home alone staring at a computer screen is awesome coming together live and in the flesh. It’s going to be a glorious mess. I can’t wait.

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