Every Frame a Painting

I’ve been enjoying Every Frame a Painting a lot over the last few years as it has profiled directors like Steven Spielberg and Edgar Wright (who you will understand as a comedic genius after watching that), to techniques like The Quadrant System. I’m not someone who analyzes film like this while I watch it,1 but I do enjoy watching someone else who so clearly loves a craft break it down in a way that I can understand and helps me to appreciate it more, too.

Here’s the latest video, about how Vancouver is never itself in movies despite being the third most popular shooting location in North America:

To Hollywood, Vancouver is a location, but not a setting. It’s a place with talent and scenery and tax incentives but almost no film identity of its own. Just other identities it can borrow.

  1. Although I do, to my wife’s eternal annoyance, accurately predict plot twists. 


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