I’ve long considered myself something of a barbecue master. Meat charred over fire triggered something primal in me and I knew that I needed to master this craft. Whenever I was at a function that included grilling, I would do my due diligence to ensure that whoever was stationed at the grill seemed competent. If not, I would offer to take over. This happened more often than not, to the general enjoyment of all.

But, more recently, I’ve learned that I don’t actually know much at all. My attempts to tell the doneness of steak by prodding it turned out to be laughably wrong. My assumption that barbecue meant cooking things as fast as possible over the highest heat possible? Also wrong.

My path to enlightenment began with Serious Eats, but has really begun in earnest with, which is a treasure trove of barbecue knowledge, freely shared. I recently acquired a charcoal grill and I look forward to mastering the true art of barbecue with it.

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