Posting Every Day

This marks the 17th consecutive day that I’ve posted something on this blog. I’m pretty sure that’s the most I’ve ever done. At then end of 2011, I tried to game myself into posting 67 days in a row, but I only made it to 16.1

I’ve considered various schemes for resurrecting my writing on this blog. Here are all of the things that never worked for me:

  • finding a topic I’m passionate about before starting to write
  • any type of posting schedule that wasn’t every day
  • caring about pleasing or displeasing certain cantankerous people with what I have to say
  • needing to redesign my site before I can post again2

I don’t know if I can keep this up, and I’m not going to let wondering about that paralyze me. It’s not that hard to find the time to post one thing every day.

  1. I missed the 17th day, and then got seven more for 23 posts in 24 days. Then two missed days, followed by a rapid drop off to only eight more post in the year. 32 out of 67 days. 
  2. I have no less than three redesigns in various states of completion. I should probably just find a nice WordPress theme from one of my Automattic colleagues. 

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