My Biking “Desk”

At the beginning of June I fell off then-under construction deck. I twisted my knee but felt pretty ok by two days later, at which point I discovered that I had a fractured tibial plateau and had to wear a brace for the next 6 weeks. Thankfully I didn’t do any real ligament damage and recovery has been going well.

But I can’t run for 6 months since it’s too high impact. Running was my way of trying to stay healthy in my desk-bound job and simply waiting that long to try at fitness again is not an option, especially since I have about 15-20 pounds I should shed.

I’ve long considered getting a treadmill desk but I don’t have room for it right now and I also have analysis paralysis when it comes to finding a height-adjustable desk to complement it. Then, this post (which is awesome) inspired me to give a biking desk a go. I got a $50 bike used on Kijiji and built a crude desk. This post is currently being written here:



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