Is the Stephen Harper Era Over?

Many Canadians, and now The Guardian are asking that question. While the article doesn’t touch on Harper’s poor record in indigenous relations, it’s a good high-level summary of the many, many ways that Harper is not only bad for Canada, but a bad Canadian:

Domestically Mr Harper has tried to move Canada away from its social democratic tradition, reducing government spending and services, privatising government agencies, cutting public health. He has gagged government scientists and civil servants, is bringing in new internal security laws, and made Canada a less open society. Internationally he has made the Canada that begged to differ (with Britain on Suez, on Vietnam with America, for example) and the Canada that was a pillar of peacekeeping and the United Nations a distant memory. And his particularly passionate identification with Israel has lost Canada the “honest broker” status that it arguably enjoyed in the Middle East in the past.

And there’s much more where that came from. And I’m not the only one getting fed up, Heck, current polls put the NDP ahead of the Conservatives. Via @pensato

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