Honour Winnipeg’s Water Source

I’ve never had to think about where my water comes from; whether it is safe, or if I even have it readily available to me. In Winnipeg, our water comes from the Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, who have themselves been under a boil water advisory since 1997.

Honour the Source is a great resource for understanding and supporting Shoal Lake 40:

The community has an answer to this problem, one it considers essential to their survival and viability as a people: ‘Freedom Road’

It’s SL40’s name for a new, all-weather access road. Total construction costs: $30 million. Both the City and the Province of Manitoba support the road project, and have committed matching funds: the only hold-out is Ottawa, which refuses to invest the final $10 million.

The best time to stop Harper—and his government’s inconceivable refusal to lifting Shoal Lake 40’s 18 year long boil water advisory—is now. Since the Conservative Party assholes won’t do anything, you can

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