Dogwood Coffee: Roasting Soon in Winnipeg

Dogwood Coffee is expanding operations from Minneapolis to Winnipeg this fall, opening a Canadian arm in partnership with Nils Vik from Parlour Coffee, Vanessa Stachiw of Little Sister Coffee Maker, and Chad Ermel of Flatland Coffee. Sprudge has all the details, including an interview with the whole Dogwood team on both sides of the border:

Dogwood Canada will share sourcing and brand ethos with their partners in Minneapolis, but will execute production roasting and distribution from a brand new roasting HQ in the Winnipeg Exchange District. Cafes across Winnipeg will begin serving Canadian-roasted Dogwood Coffee; the two wings will operate together as part of a larger unified Dogwood brand.

Dogwood Canada will operate out of the east Exchange in Winnipeg (I believe out of 165 McDermot Ave) and their plans for the building encompass much more than just roasting coffee:

[W]e are in the midst of a large renovation to a historic warehouse building in the Exchange District in Winnipeg (downtown), right around the corner from Parlour Coffee. It’s a heritage building which was built in 1921. It’s being brought down to its bones and built back up again. We’re teaming up with great friends / landlords. We’re pretty excited about the build-out.

2000 square feet will house the roastery area, including a cupping room and training lab on the main floor. But we will share space with other tenants including a co-work space and cafe as well as a flexible events space with some small-scale amphitheater seating. The third floor will be offices, while the lower level will house an art gallery and cocktail bar.

That sounds amazing. I particularly resonated with how much Manitobans and Minnesotans have in common:

You mentioned a cultural difference between American & Canadians maybe kind of stopping partnerships between the countries, but I don’t know…Manitobans have more in common with Minnesotans than we do with British Columbians. Canada is such a huge country. The two states/provinces are quite similar and they tend to breed a similar kind of person. We’re really like-minded and we get each other, and it works.

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  1. This is so exciting. The exchange is getting better all the time. Peg Beer Co., Dogwood/Parlour/Little Sister/Flatland roastery, cafe, cocktail bar…. This city continues to evolve into the kind of place I like to visit when on vacation. Still remember the first time I was in Parlour and felt like I was in another city. So many good things happening here.

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