I Now Work at Automattic

I’m happy to report that I’m hanging up my freelance hat and putting on my gainfully-employed hat as a member of the Automattic team, which I’ve already written about more fully if you’re curious about the details. The short version is that I get to help make WordPress.com.

There are too many factors to tease out in a move like this, but one of the significant personal ones for me came down to values: I was dissatisfied with my attempts to find a work-life balance. Even when I wasn’t working, I was thinking about work too much, preventing me from being properly present to those around me. And it wasn’t getting any better.

Employment isn’t going to be a magic bullet, but I’m hopeful that this shift will help me to find a better balance so that I’m actually present to my wife, family, friends, and community when I’m not working. I also look forward to having colleagues, since the freelance life can feel pretty isolated at times. All in all, I’m really excited!

2 responses to “I Now Work at Automattic”

  1. Hi Matt,

    Great to hear. I have been stalking Auttomatic job openings for about 8 months now, and was wondering what your experience had been working there for almost a year now, and if you had any tips as to what skills would be helpful in being successful working there?

    From the information I’ve gleaned, I really like their (your) work culture and vision for their company. I’m ferociously building the skill-set to apply.

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