Thank You

This recent commitment to blogging every day is going to be hard. How will I come up with enough to say? What if it stinks? Do I really have to write every day?

Then I realized that my perspective was all wrong. I get to write every day, and the crazy thing is that some people will actually read this. We have these things called the World Wide Web and easy-to-use software like WordPress that let me instantly make my thoughts available to nearly everyone on the planet.

This potential is beyond the wildest dreams of most authors in most places at most times. And I take it for granted every time I feel like not speaking with you, dear reader. So thank you. Thank you for having let your flitting about the web cease long enough to alight upon these words.

One response to “Thank You”

  1. Yo, bro’ – I was looking for stuff to help me write about the God-shaped hole…
    From there, I landed here, and I want to tell you that I recognize something in what you wrote about “do I have to write every day?”
    (Got a group in Facebook)

    It’s the same question I am asking myself, so: thanks for sharing!


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