The New

You might notice that things look a little different around here. Since business has picked up at Soma Design, I’ve been writing on this blog less and less. Over the last year I’ve been toying with the idea of a radical redesign to 1) amuse myself and 2) to hopefully prod myself into writing more–while I’ve only published 11 posts since the beginning of 2010, I have 22 draft posts in varying states of completeness. My favourite of the bunch is tentatively titled “Battlestar Galactica, Rationality, and Human Nature”–look for it soon.

I have more to say about the redesign on my Soma Design blog, but the short version is this: it’s all about the writing and not at all about anything else, like my WordPress theme. It’s also a responsive design that should adapt itself to a plethora of devices. It’s also a bit rough around the edges still.

Finally, I’ve now made the switch over to the domain. The old URLs will redirect to their counterparts on the new domain.

9 responses to “The New”

  1. I noticed the “.be” at the end of your domain name. So I was curious and googled it, and what I came up with from wiki was, “the country code top-level domain for Belgium”. Is this right?

  2. @Blair Belgium is correct. Many countries allow foreigners to register domain names, which can produce some interesting domain hacks like I managed here.

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