Them Crazy Conservatives

USAmerican conservatives, generally speaking, hate taxes. They reserve a special hatred for any notion of “spreading the wealth around” with said taxes, as evidenced by the laughable tea party protests organized by Fox “News.” These are the same types of people who, during George W. Bush’s terms as president, called dissent against the so-called “War on Terror” unpatriotic. Realpolitik posturing aside, this means that the essential conservative position on taxation is: taxes are good, as long as we’re using them to kill people.

2 responses to “Them Crazy Conservatives”

  1. I don’t have problem paying taxes for healthcare and education (I studied in a public university), but I would try to not pay them to support wars, military, politics, etc.

    I don’t expect my personal view to be the “christian way”, it is just an opinion.

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