Transportation Options

Unfortunately, we’ve chosen wrong.


The original version of this poster (HT Aza Raskin) was ruined by Comic Sans and a weakened message. The original included a third photo of bicyclists, which diluted the impact of comparing only two things. (Comparing car to bicycle would also be strong.)

The original also failed to include a number for the amount of people, which I estimated by counting cars. This reinforces the message by supporting the visuals with verbal content, not to mention making the copy more succinct.

Finally, I moved the titles to the top, where they make a stronger impact, and used Futura to spruce up the typography.

Do you think these changes improved the message? What might you have done differently?

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7 responses to “Transportation Options”

  1. @William Well, mostly because we’ve set things up in such a way that presupposes everyone owning a car, with buses sprinkled in around the edges for the “less fortunate” elements of society. We’ve got it backwards.

  2. why you ask?
    a two main reasons:

    1. gas is still too cheap
    2. newer parts of the city are not designed to make transit use a viable option for people. as in, if you live in the suburbs, chances are you have to walk 20 minutes for a bus that only runs once every half hour and wait at a stop that may not even have a bench, let alone a heated shelter.

    Despite the move towards eco-friendly lifestyles, people are less keen about making changes that cost them comfort and convenience.

    One last rant related to this picture:
    Nobody who drives a personal automobile is justified about complaining about traffic because they ARE traffic.
    You don’t have a leg to stand on when you complain about a problem that you directly contribute to.
    So don’t go to city hall or write letters to your councillor about widening roadways and adding underpasses. Just take the damn bus and shut up.

  3. Very poignant and sharp. And thank you for removing the Comic Sans. How about making a marger sized poster? That one can actually print, frame and put up?

  4. I like it.

    The only thing I would potentially do different (although not necessarily better at getting the point across) would be to have both pictures at the same distance or zoom.

    Obviously there is a zoom out on the bus only pic to provide greater emphasis, but having the exact same view on both could be more impactful.

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