Apocalyptic Daycare

In yet another sign–for those who have eyes to see–that the world is about to crash down around our ears, daycares are providing surveillance cameras. From their own lips:

It is natural for you to wonder about your child after they have been dropped off at day care. How many times have you wanted to be a fly on the wall to get a peek at what they were doing? Now you can, thanks to Peekaboo’s Video Over the Internet (VOI) system. You can now stay in touch with your child visually any time of the day, anywhere you have access to a computer. From your office, your home, or even while traveling you have the opportunity to see your child at play.

How much fear and mistrust do you have to be filled with to need to monitor your child every moment like this? What hope is there for a society not able to muster the basic trust necessary to not need to monitor and control everything?

A society filled with this much fear and mistrust could be called a lot of things. Dysfunctional. Irrational. Alienated.

And definitely doomed.

One response to “Apocalyptic Daycare”

  1. Can you imagine the poor day care workers?
    They’d get calls in all the time from obsessive parents about “my child is being ignored, or my child isn’t supposed to play with that, or that other child is picking on mine.”
    Why? Because the type of people neurotic enough to pay for and use such a surveilance service are the psychotic overprotective parents to begin with.
    Don’t think they’d just sit and watch their monitors quietly.

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