I Love New York

This is old news already, but some of us decided that the best way to celebrate gradutation was to go down to the Big Apple, especially since there’s a large difference between St. Stephen to NYC and Winnipeg to NYC. Heather, one of my tripmates (and downstairs neighbor in my final SSU year) beat me to the punch considerably.

Here’s the raw details: April 21-25, 10 hours each way, a rented studio apartment built for three but sleeping five, a subway pass, a camera, and unbridled giddiness. Here’s some photographic evidence:

Standing outside Times Square on the first night, looking oh-so-cool-and-natural

“I wonder what the Dalai Lama would say about Times Square?…”

We are not from a small town at all.

This is how New Yorkers say “hello.” (Just kidding, people were actually super-friendly)

A sign to an icon. Couldn’t pass it up.

Jac behind this super-cool bead curtain at the MoMA.

Going for mediocre sushi after a few too many at the hotel…

Just doing our part to be consumer whores on the NYC subway

Just outside Rent on Broadway, which was fantastic!

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