Apocalyptic Smarties

For a nice change of pace here, today’s sign that our society has devolved to the level of gibbering mush is the following warning on Smarties Peanut: “THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS PEANUTS.”

Holy crap! Peanuts in Smarties Peanut! Honestly. Should we even be protecting people who are too stupid to make this connection? Would it not be better to just remove them from the gene pool for the good of humanity?

And honestly, what is the likelihood that someone is too stupid to realize that Smarties Peanut might contain peanuts, yet is smart enough to read the much smaller warning on the back?

2 responses to “Apocalyptic Smarties”

  1. I bet it is a legal issue, something that says you need to list all potential common allergens. I do have a concern that we are following the US lead in our sense of entitlements that allows us to sue the pants off each other over what should be common sense. It just drives me nuts (not actually peanuts).

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