Stuff White People Like

The current web sensation is Stuff White People Like, a blog that painfully skewers and satirizes the tendencies of 20-30-something white people, such as myself. I’m not going to link to specific posts, but I am certainly a coffee-drinking, corporation hating, Wire-watching white person.

One qustion that has come up repeatedly is, what ethnicicty is the person who writes this blog? I’m not going to tell you here, but there’s an interview with him at Heeb Magazine. Read it and find out who’s behind the hilarity.

4 responses to “Stuff White People Like”

  1. Smoking find Matt. BTW your fonts are sensuous. If I get my act together I will certainly be ganking that tech!

  2. The guys behind ‘stuff’ were also interviewed on CBC radio last week. You can hear the podcast if you link to the CBC radio homepage, and go to the ‘Q’ website.

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