I’m One of Them Now

macbook pro

Arrived today. Using it now. Like it so far.

9 responses to “I’m One of Them Now”

  1. Ha! I didn’t realize you got a Macbook Pro! Sweet. Make sure to use Safari and I just started using NetNewsWire and it is great.

  2. Yeah, I wound up getting the cash instead of the laptop, so I spent the extra $ to get a refurbished MacBook Pro. 2.33 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 120GB HD, 256 MB video RAM. :)

    I don’t think that I’ll be making the switch to safari any time soon. There’s way too many firefox extensions that I can’t live without, but I think I’ll give netnewswire a go. it’s going to have a hard time displacing google reader though…

  3. Excellent! Welcome to the club. You are lucky your club membership was free!

    You definitely have to give Netnewswire a shot, I absolutely love it. I had no problem making the switch from Google Reader.

    Safari is a bit overrated, I use it simply because it works nicely with the rest of the Mac software, including my iPod Touch.

  4. I agree, Safari is underrated. In terms of its underlying technology, it’s actually a better and faster browser than firefox. Unfortunately there’s just too many firefox extensions that I can’t deal without, and firefox 3 is right around the corner and has apparently made big progress in mac integration.

  5. So now that you’ve got your Mac, here’s your chance to put those hard-earned PC skills to use and shut-up about it. ;)

  6. I was actually using Firefox 3 beta for some time and I didn’t find it a whole lot more useful than v.2. I switched back to Safari simply because it’s what I was used to and I like the UI in Safari better than Firefox.

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