Procrastination = New Design

You might notice a bit of a new look around here. After I went live with the new Soma Design site, Jaclyn took a look at and thought that it looked a wee mite shabby in comparison. Inspiration struck her, perspiration struck me, and behold, a hot new look.

One of the things I’m proudest of in the new design is the implementation of sIFR 3 for the headlines. One of the biggest problems when designing on the web is the distinct lack of fonts, since whatever font we want to use has to be installed on the computer of whoever happens to be viewing the page. sIFR allows you to use Flash to seamlessly replace selected portions of text with whatever font you want. It was a serious headache to implement (Internet Explorer, I’m looking at you) but now we have lovely headlines set in Tallys. (In the unlikely event that someone doesn’t have Flash installed, this will revert to Georgia)

Now, time to do some reading. Let me know if anything’s broken…

4 responses to “Procrastination = New Design”

  1. ha, nice skin. looks really quite a lot better. “jaclyn had inspiration, i had perspiration”, hahaha. love it.

  2. nice colour choice. now i really want my own website!
    hey matt, i started photo editing. it’s a lot of fun. i’m retouching all our wedding pics and will soon be getting paid to do it. photoshop is a MASSIVE program. absolutely incredible.
    anyway, good luck on your webdesign future. may it be fruitful and multiply! i’ll spread the word:)

  3. tony: cheers. :)

    maria: yeah, the colors are terrific. i blame jaclyn.

    yeah, photoshop is massive, most definitely. I know enough to know that I’m just scratching the surface of its capability most of the time. enjoy!

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