Kim Fabricius on the New Atheism

If you’ve been following the “New Atheism” of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens at all, go have a read over of Kim Fabricius’ Ten propositions on Richard Dawkins and the new atheists. Kim revels in the irony that, while the New Atheists accuse any believers of possessing a superstition something like believing in leprechauns, the New Atheists bow down in faith to Almighty Progress:

So on his own terms we may be permitted to ask Dawkins, “Where is the evidence for this progress?” Forgive me, dear reader, for wearying you with the obvious: the names of such progressive statesmen and harbingers of world peace as the atheists Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, and Pol Pot. Oh, and isn’t there the little matter that teleology has no place in evolutionary theory? Progress? My money is on the leprechauns.

There’s way more gold where that came from.

2 responses to “Kim Fabricius on the New Atheism”

  1. 1. Hitler wasn’t an atheist, nor a christian (the most important issues for Hitler were HItler and third reich… none of them qualify as a “monotheist religion”).

    2. few atheists are to be compared with bigot dictators like Stalin, POl-Pot or Dawkins (hahaha, Dawkins isn’t a dictator… he just considers himself as the pope of “official neodarwinsm”, and from his pulpit at Oxford he anatemizes every evolutionist who doesn’t follow the rules of “official neodarwinist view)

    3. This “Hollywood atheism” seems to me something like “anglosaxon atheism”…. “anglosaxon atheism” sucks almost as “anglosaxon christianism”.

    4. I couldn’t open the link to the article. I’m at work, and I’d rather read it at home.

    5. Blessings from Colombia

  2. Richard Dawkins and his way of speaking has helped me make a nice clean transition from superstitious thinking and illogical religious belief to rational thinking and reason. My life has never been better.

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